Medical Weight Loss in Redmond, Oregon

Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine in Redmond, Oregon is Central Oregon’s #1 medical weight loss clinic! There are numerous factors that can affect weight loss, including hormonal issues. We offer a wide range of weight management solutions and hormone therapy treatments including hCG injections. We serve our local clients from Central Oregon including Bend, Oregon, Sisters, Prineville, from Sunriver to Black Butte Ranch. We also serve many clients via telemedicine from all over Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to help them manage their weight to feel better and live better. 

Obesity is a growing problem throughout the country and can contribute to a variety of health problems. When nutrition and exercise are not yielding the desired weight loss results, patients may find there are numerous factors that can affect weight loss or gain, including hormonal issues. Contact us to see medical weight loss treatments are right for you.

Supporting Weight Management Efforts with Customized Solutions

Managing weight is an important part of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. On average, patients may try five or more diet programs in an effort to manage their weight with varying results. Many compounds can be used to complement existing weight loss programs and optimize results with Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine located in Redmond, Oregon.

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James Sperry

"I can not say enough great things about Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine in Redmond, Oregon. To say that they are prompt and professional is an understatement. They made the whole process so easy and painless and truly demonstrate that they really care about you and your health. The provider was more concerned about taking care of you as a patient and never pushed to sell anything. The care was very responsible and I truly felt that they had my best health and wellbeing in mind. I feel so much better and have not felt this good since before I joined the army. The management was everything you wanted them to be. Optimal Anti-Aging responded extremely fast, made adjustments for my schedule, and was the friendliest and most professional I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. This team sets the standard for how you should be taken care of and treated. To put this into perspective, I never write reviews but this team was so exceptional that I needed to."