Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Central Oregon

Optimal Medicine in Redmond, Oregon is Central Oregon’s #1 testosterone therapy clinic! We serve our local clients from Central Oregon including Bend, Oregon, Sisters, Prineville, from Sunriver to Black Butte Ranch. We also serve many clients via telemedicine from all over Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to help them feel better and live better. 


Testosterone is an integral part of men’s health. These hormones play a role in not only sexual development and health, but also contribute to changing of the voice, hair growth across the body, mood, energy, memory, concentration, and bone density. Contact us to see if testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is right for you.

Maintaining Optimal Testosterone Levels with Compounded Solutions for Better Health

When testosterone decreases, it can interfere with many facets of a man’s life and have a negative impact on their health. Some symptoms may be mild while others can be more severe and debilitating. Low testosterone levels, also known as andropause, may increase the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and erectile dysfunction (ED). Testosterone replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help to maintain optimal levels of hormones through compounded solutions tailored to men’s specific needs.

Once an imbalance is identified, Optimal Medicine can begin formulating a treatment plan. This may involve testosterone replacement therapy that can be customized to meet a patient’s specific needs through compounded medications. 

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