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As men and women age, their bodies go through a variety of changes. Hormone levels rise and fall, which can lead to weight gain, urinary problems, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, low libido, sleep deprivation, migraines, and other challenges. Optimal Medicine can help manage health at all stages of aging through custom compounds tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

A combination of anti-aging,  Hormone Replacement Therapy, and other wellness solutions are often used to assist with achieving these goals. As people age, their hormone levels fluctuate, and this can interfere with their quality of life.  Reclaim your true self with Optimal Medicine in Redmond, Oregon, a licensed telemedicine provider.


Are you tired all the time? Are you waking- up feeling unrested. Do you feel unmotivated? Fatigue can affect your daily life, family life, work-life and sex life.

Muscle Loss 

Your body needs testosterone to build muscle. If you’re losing muscle mass or finding it difficult to build new muscle, you may have low testosterone.

Low Sex Drive 

Many experience below-normal sex drive during andropause. What is below normal? If where it is now isn’t working for you, it’s below normal.


Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes mood and contributes to a sense of  well-being.  Low testosterone has been linked to low serotonin levels.

Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction affects roughly 30 million men in the United States. Yes, it’s that common. It’s just no one likes to talk about it. There are, however, many solutions.

Sleep Apnea 

Waking up not being able to breathe is unpleasant. But it doesn’t end there. Sleep apnea causes oxygen deprivation, and aggravates other andropause symptoms.

Weight Gain 

Trying to lose weight during andropause feels like pushing a heavy rock up a steep hill. The more out of balance your hormones become, the steeper the hill.


Many develop a profound appreciation for sleep during andropause. That’s because sleep can be in short supply when hormones are out of balance.

Mood Disturbance

Are you grouchy? Easily frustrated or quick to get angry? More importantly, are your loved ones complaining about it? 

Brain Fog

Memory loss. Poor concentration. Diminished mental acuity. If you aren’t feeling as sharp as you used to, andropause may be to blame.

Hair Loss 

Even though hair loss has been studied extensively, surprisingly little is known about it. We offer several medical therapies that help with hair loss.


A reduction in bone density is more common than you might think. Through balanced hormones, it’s also preventable.