Aesthetic Dermatology

A variety of pharmaceutical grade topicals to address common aesthetic issues and help patients achieve a look they love.

Aesthetic Dermatology Solutions to Improve the Look and Feel of Skin

The look of a patient’s skin can have a major impact on their self-esteem and confidence. When wrinkles begin to set in and their skin starts losing the firmness and luster it once had, patients often look for ways to address these issues. That’s where the Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine line of aesthetic dermatology formulations come in.

Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine located in Redmond, Oregon offers a variety of creams to address common aesthetic issues and help your patients achieve a look they love. Made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, these are formulations you can trust that is produced with care and precision.

Supporting Better Skin Health

The following are some of the formulations available through Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine to enhance the look and feel of your patient’s skin.

Hydrate & Tighten. Ascorbic Acid/CoQ10/DMAE/Estriol/Tretinoin – this combination of ingredients supports hydration, brightness, and firmness of the skin. The ascorbic acid targets sun damage and reduces inflammation while enhancing healthy collagen. CoQ10, Estriol, and Tretinoin address anti-aging and help fight wrinkles, while DMAE focuses on firmness.

Firmness & Fine Lines. Estriol/DMAE/Hyaluronic Acid – this cream may improve the elasticity, moisture, and firmness of your patient’s skin. Hyaluronic acid may increase the plumpness of the skin while the other ingredients support firmer skin with a reduced appearance of wrinkles.

Brown Spots. Hydroquinone/Vitamin D – Hyperpigmentation can create a noticeable difference in skin tone but Hydroquinone may help by gently bleaching pigmentation for a more consistent appearance. Vitamin D can also lessen the appearance of dark spots and help the skin to look more radiant.

Help your patients to transform the look and feel of their skin so they can be more confident and self-assured with help from these aesthetic dermatology formulas from

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"I have been amazed by the positive response and follow up in my initial inquiries into improving my well being. All parties have been extremely supportive and knowledgeable in my quest to better myself. Even the Lab people were able to walk me through all the steps!! Excited for the next step in my process of improving myself both mentally and physically.
Was concerned that Optimal Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine in Redmond, Oregon was going to be a “Johnny come Lately”, but they are the real deal!!!